USB C Charging Hub11 In 1




Product Description

1 in 1 Interface: PD *1+ VGA*1+ HDTV *2+ RJ45*1+ SD card slot *1 + TF card slot *1 + USB3.0 *3+ 3.5mm audio *1

1. Aluminum Case1.Size: 280*85*17mm. 2. Chipset:FL5002+ITE6564+GL3224 3. 3 ports USB3.0, data transfer speeds of up to 5.0Gbps; Charging standard 5V 2A (10W) 4. PD 20V 3A, 60W 5. HDTV 4K 60HZ(3840*2160)(only video),4K@30HZ(Video +Data transfer) 6. VGA: 60HZ 1920*1080 7. SD + MS card slot could read and write SD or TF memory card 8. 3.5mm Audio Headphone jack 9. GBE RJ45 port 1000M 10. Apple-style design and grey color ideal For all kinds PC with Type-C interface 11. Package: 1* BS-HC1101, 1* User manual

Product Name
11 in 1 Type c hub
Aluminum alloy
Type C
PD *1+ VGA*1+ 4K HD *2+ RJ45*1+ SD card slot *1 + TF card slot *1 + USB3.0 *3+ 3.5mm audio *1
1* BS-HC1101, 1* User manual

Product Usage

The phenomenon that may appear during the use of the product

1. There is no reaction after the product is inserted, please check whether the product is inserted correctly.

2. After checking the correct insertion, if you still cannot connect, please check the laptop’s power or whether the charging cable is connected.
3. When the product is fully loaded, the shell will be slightly hot, which is a normal phenomenon. If high temperature persists,
unplug the product.

Before use, please confirm the use environment

1. No water drops on the surface of the product;
2. No small sundries on the interface of the product;
3.laptop is placed smoothly
4. Please insert the product after the computer starts
5. Please ensure that there is no significant fluctuation of magnetic field intensity in the operating environment

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