Restaurant & cAFE

a smart and intuitive way to present your restaurant, bar, or cafe menu to online users.

Easily create your restaurant menu

Create an online restaurant menu by converting your WooCommerce shop page into a restaurant page.

Add multiple delivery options

Offer your customers various options (free delivery, express delivery, etc.

Simple and clean menu design

Display your product data (product name, ID, or category) in ascending or descending order;

Interactive mini-cart widget

The extension’s mini-cart widget shows your customers their order summary;

Modify products and categories

Expand your menu options by adding extras and other add-ons;

Display your restaurant’s hours of operation

The front-end menu will display the restaurant’s status (open or closed), so your customers can order accordingly;

Keep you brand at the forefront customize your menu and ordering system’s options to give your customers an experience unlike any other.

Taking your restaurant or cafe online can be expensive and complicated. But it doesn't need to be.

Set minimum order total restrictions on checkout.

Add a minimum order total to let the customers know what order amount they need to check out. If the requirements are not met, users will see an error message on the checkout page.

Show your users their order summary using a mini-cart widget.

Mini-Carts allow customers to track their order without leaving the shopping process. They can also increase or decrease the number of items in the cart.

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