Seek.Find.Learn. A cloud based app that helps teachers/parents organize project based learning activities & allows students to showcase their creativity for grades 3 – 12.


Help your students discover multiple opportunities to show mastery of various skills. 


Ignite the various integrations of technology into meaningful student outcomes & demonstrations.


Help your students find meaning in what they are taught in school and make the connection to the world at large.


Ignite moments of collaboration in which teachers and students TEACH IT!

How it Works

Teachers. Parents. Students.
Use Seek.Find.Learn. to setup your engaging PBL projec t which provides real world relevance to learning. Your students use Seek.Find.Learn. to collaborate and integrate a wide spectrum of technologies to do meaningful work in the development of product creation and presentation.

Simple & Smart!

Engage students in deep personal learning that inspires them!


Provide your students with the opportunity to create something extraordinary. 


Provide your students the opportunity to use video to capture and augment their learning experience.


Integrate various mediums of audio into the learning experience.


Help your student move beyond the traditional boring presentation into a multimedia experience that will have long lasting implication on their learning.

Location Check-in

Use location check-in to help student explore the worlds around them. 


Provide your students the opportunity to share their creativity with peers and family.